February 25, 2016

TATT: After Marrying Someone

So, what you can have after marrying someone?
  1. You can wear bra no more anytime you want (at home, yeah)
  2. You decide what should and shouldn't in refrigerator 
  3. TV remote rivals is increasing 
  4. You sleep with someone you love everyday
  5. And arguing with him from time to time
  6. He shares his money
  7. You don't have to share yours
  8. You life with someone you wanna bother
  9. You have no competitors in collecting shoes
  10. You have the most reason to start healthy lifestyle 
  11. Oh! A husband of courseeee :))))
  12. Someone who gonna make you a better person, even in the last day of your life
  13. Someone who'll help you to wash the dishes
  14. And hug you every night you has a damn bad dismenore 
  15. A dresser special only for you
  16. Being so creative about what to do and what to eat, for you both
  17. Friendly-life-partner-even-for-crime-situations hahaha
  18. A silent motivator
  19. Someone who read your blog and love it like this is the best blog in the world
  20. And kisses every morning

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