December 17, 2015

TATT: Being Economist

Ever since I realized that I can't be happy without money (and I believe money can buy happiness), I stated my self is one an economical kind of person. So after being a wife to one an economical husband, the skills are certainty honed hahaha. You know, I'm infatuated with it deeply because it gives a sense of victory and satisfaction *drum roll* *eyes sparkling*.

Here are this week twenty things about being so economical based on my experience.
  1. Don't missed wedding reception. Its basic.
  2. And friends birthday celebration.
  3. If there any occasion in the office with boxes of meals, get update if any box left or excess. Don't let any meal box homeless.
  4. Reuse every bottles you have. I always save YouC1000 bottle because I know I'll need it later (and glass bottles is lil bit pricey)
  5. Use laundry-rinsed water to mop the floor.
  6. Lists the all-you-can-eat restaurants.
  7. Offline your smartphone when you are in the cinema, hang out with friends, and sleeping. Its good to safe the internet quota.
  8. Bring any hotel facilities you pay for like shampoo, soap, body lotion, shower cap, and mineral water.
  9. Don't forget to always try all the food they've provided for breakfast.
  10. You can use hotel's soap and shampoo to clean up the home bathroom's floor.
  11. And the body lotion for daily use.
  12. Or simply throw it and reuse the bottle.
  13. Unplug unused phone or laptop charger.
  14. If you can't sleep without AC, get yourself enough for 25 degrees.
  15. Buy original and raw honey only, because they can stay for hundred years.
  16. Buy fruits as needed.
  17. Come to Pizza Hut last hour and buy salad for half price.
  18. Cuts facial cotton into four equal parts to save the amount of used cotton and toner in one way.
  19. Move moisturizer to small tub.
  20. The most simple tips is bring your own mineral water everywhere.
The ideas still come everyday as well so I'll give another TATT about economical tips. Stay tune on Thursday.

piggy bank loves,
Justin Larissa


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